Four radio show logo designs

I recently had the pleasure of working with EG Radio Marketing in creating 4 logo designs for 4 different radio shows. These 4 logo designs really showcase the diversity of the logo’s I design. Why do the logo’s look so different from each other? One of the reason they look so different is because each logo is designed to appeal to a different target market.

For example, here is a list of the target markets for the different radio shows:

  1. SmartBiz Radio show: Age 25-60, both male and females interested in business, college degree, business owner or upper management in a corporation, income 100k and above.
  2. September Living: Age 35-50, females (family caregivers and decision-makers for parents’ needs) & age 50-70 active to moderately active seniors, preferably homeowners.
  3. Woods to Water with Scott Wilson: Age 16-65, 80% male, outdoor hunters, fishermen, and general outdoors men/women
  4. Liberty Tree Media Group: Ranging from the 18 year old new voter with a Libertarian leaning to the 65 year old retired baby boomer with time to engage in politics and back down to the 30 or 40 something family man or woman, concerned with protecting their family during times of crisis. We want to especially connect with the Progressive/green movement males & females 18-35…young professionals and pet owners.

Radio Show logo design

Just like the target audiences are very different for each radio show, so is each logo design. It’s key that each logo design be distinct, stand out from their competitors, and be easy to read. This will help create a memorable brand.

How does the logo design process work?

Logo design involves 4 main steps to create the accurate visual presentation of an organization’s unique personality.

Phase 1: Planning

• Initial questionnaire filled out, research and initial interview with your company’s owner or representative

Phase 2: Concept design development

• In this creative phase, design ideas for the mark, logo, or other primary identification device are developed.

• Three logo design options will be presented in black and white. Tip: If a logo doesn’t work in black and white, it won’t be dynamic in color.

Phase 3: Design refinement

• Changes based on your feedback

• Color added to your final logo design

Phase 4: Production

• Final logo designs are delivered as .eps, .pdf and .jpeg files

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