Across industries, companies are launching new products – and even entirely new brands – in response to the “new normal” of COVID-19.

Virtual race seriesFancy restaurants are making frozen pizzas. Many outdoor brands like the cycling apparel company Kitsbow are making medical face shields and masks. Some brands, including our client Another Mother Runner, are hosting virtual race series, and others like La Sportiva and Big Agnes are launching stay-at-home campaigns.

Outdoor adventure companies must get creative in order to thrive when we’re all being asked to stay indoors.

And part of a successful pivot: a successful new brand.

When you’re launching a brand (even if it’s just for a new product line), it’s easy to jump right into the design portion.  But first things first: What’s the goal?

If a brand is going to be successful, it requires research and a clear strategy.

An objective.

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When Maruhon Sesame Oil decided to begin exporting to the U.S. in 2018, they needed an entirely new brand to meet their new market. That’s where we came in. Click here to read the case study on how Bauerhaus Design launched a successful re-branding for a 300-year-old company headquartered in Japan.

Here are 6 key elements of a successful new brand.

1. Research

Research is the most important piece of branding, and it’s too often the step that businesses skip. Research allows you to make informed decisions throughout the process – decisions based on your actual market, your customers and their actual needs, desires and preferences.

2. Packaging

Beautiful packaging speaks volumes, and it’s often the first touch-point your brand has with a new customer. Are you creating a new physical product? Consider how packaging can help you reach your goal.

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3. Website development

Your site should be clean and organized, and it should direct visitors to exactly the place you want them to go (to subscribe to your email list and/or to your shopping cart).

Create a page on your site where visitors can learn about your new brand or product line – where they won’t get distracted by your other offerings.

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4. Marketing strategy

Which media will resonate most with your audience: Video, text, graphic? Can you collaborate with other brands or influencers to expand your reach?

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Outline a marketing strategy that both meets your audience where they’re at and that’s aligned with your overarching goals.

Work social media into your marketing strategy and keep your image aligned with your packaging. Again, engage your audience on platforms they’re spending time on.

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5. Promotion

Promote your brand in places where your customers will be spending their time. You’ll know because you’ve already done the research to find out! You’ve defined your goals and outlined your marketing strategy. This step is all about following through with the plans you’ve set in motion. Promote your brand in a comprehensive way so that your audience can understand your new offerings more fully.

Bauerhaus is a partner in your branding. We’re focused on growth, not just a one-off service provider. If you’re launching a new brand or product line, schedule a discovery call and see how we can help.