As more technology companies are starting to apply new data privacy policies, many brands may feel stuck when it comes to marketing to its consumers. Privacy policies continue to evolve which causes the need for marketers to create more personal and one-on-one connections with their target audience. While this may seem easier said than done, there are certain areas that brands must prioritize in order to remain competitive, compliant, and successful in their practices.

So… you may be thinking, how do you target your wine consumer with the new privacy options?

Great question, and don’t worry – we’re ready to help! 

We currently have a client that we do Facebook ads for and the other day we were talking about Apple’s new privacy options and how we can still run digital ads. 

Wondering what the new Apple privacy options entail?

New privacy options are expected to make it more difficult for marketers to target and track consumers. For one, the new Mail Privacy Protection stops email senders from collecting user information, like an IP address or when an email is opened, while Hide My Email lets users create unique, random email addresses to keep their personal email address private. 

Plus, Private Relay is a new service built into iCloud that encrypts all traffic leaving a Safari user’s device. Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention will now also hide user IP addresses. It’s only getting harder and harder from here on out.

Now comes the SOLUTION!

One idea reinforces what we already stress with clients – in your customer journey make sure your focus is on building your email list

For example, with Facebook ads you can run them in connection to giving away a freebie that people will receive once they sign up with their email. One of our clients, Illinois Wine gives away free email automation that includes a food and wine pairing. 

Aaand… Google is moving away from cookies, which means again email is king!

While it may seem like a daunting task to implement compliance practices to meet new standards, brands should remember that if a user doesn’t wish to accept cookies and receive your ad, then they are not someone who is interested in making a purchase. 

Within email campaigns, you can also strongly benefit from transparency. In order to remain transparent and fair, you should make it easy for users to opt in or opt out, and they should feel fully empowered to make this decision through any educational resources provided.

New privacy laws are sparking brands to bring new life into their marketing strategies that will lead to stronger and more impactful engagements with customers.

Ready to leverage social media ads and produce email lead generation strategies confidently? 

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