My daughter wants to start a company: Den Dog Scouts. She asked me to create a website in one day. 😳

As we continue to mostly stay home this summer due to COVID-19, and as a full-time working parent, I thought Den Dog Scouts would be the perfect summer project for her. Fun, plus educational.

I told my daughter I’d treat her just like a client and would ask her the same questions, and give the same homework and advice that I give my clients.

She finished 6 out of the 8 steps in about 36 hours and created a video announcing her Den Dog Scouts! (I think I may have a future business owner here.)

What are the steps I walk my clients through when they’re building their first sites?

How to Start a Business From Scratch For Kids (and Really, Adults, Too)

8 key elements:

  • Business name and domain
  • Logo design
  • Target: Who’s it for?
  • Goal
  • Competitors: Product, pricing, and how they get customers
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy to get sales
  • Content for the website
  • Website

Walking clients (and daughters) through my strategic process creates an end-products that’s immensely more effective.

A designer will take your ideas and shape it visually. That’s a great service — but if your brand strategy is unclear or your brand is weak, it will show in the design.

Integrating the branding strategy process with the design process by working with a big picture expert like Bauerhaus ensures that your message comes through in the design, and that your branding and marketing investments achieve the desired results.

This week, I also received a request from an existing brand creating a new product line.

Their friend was doing the website in WIX, and they felt it just didn’t look right.

I could immediately see they were throwing up content without fully thinking about the brand strategy for their website’s headline, about their story, or about which photos communicated their service best.

Design without strategy is lost opportunity.

As you go forward in launching or redesigning your website, putting out a new product line, or embarking on a design-centric marketing campaign, be sure your strategy is clear and your design process is rooted in it.

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