Your mother told you it’s what’s inside that counts, but with wine sales, that’s not always the case. Back in 2015, the Gallo Wine Trend Survey discussed the buying habits of millennials versus baby boomers. Baby boomers tend to choose wine based on aspects like region of origin, taste descriptors and pairing suggestions. Millennials, they estimated, are four times more likely to buy a bottle based on the personality and originality of its label.

Perceived Value

As millennials graduate from college, many start to trade their red plastic cups of beer for wine. When it comes to buying wine, their choices are often driven more by how others will perceive them than what’s inside the bottle. When appealing to this ever-growing segment of the market, keep in mind that they may be more interested in your product’s branding than its oakiness or tannins.

Imagine the 20-something male

He’s invited to a housewarming party for his newly married fraternity brother. He knows it’s polite to bring some wine. He chooses something like 19 Crimes or Fat Bastard. It checks the box for etiquette but still makes him come across as edgy and cool to his friends.

Now imagine the 20-something female

She’s stocking her fridge for a night in with her girlfriends. She might choose Middle Sister to be funny or the latest rosé from Chandon that is packaged like a present.

Initial Purchase

Repeat purchases and loyalty to a specific wine may have more to do with how the product tastes. But initial purchases by novices or occasional wine drinkers are likely tied to the feeling or image it evokes.

This is why even the best wines on the market can’t ignore branding. Sure, it has to have the quality to back it up, but first, it needs to make it off the shelf. Products with well thought out labels that include eye-catching designs or catchy, tongue-in-cheek names will have a better chance of getting into millennials’ shopping carts.

Who are you targeting?

Bauerhaus Design can make sure your packaging is unforgettable with your specific wine market. We create brands for Millennials, Baby Boomers and the 6 different wine consumers. Contact owner Rebecca Ritz for a free 30 minute call to discuss your branding project.

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