There have been a lot of headlines over the past few weeks about Google’s new algorithm that have been causing business owners with HTML websites to panic. For example, a client emailed me two weeks ago saying he wanted to immediately go live with his new responsive website we had been creating, but hadn’t been proofed.

While it is great to have business owners sit up and realize how important having a mobile-friendly website is, if you have an HTML website you do not need to bury your head in the sand in misery.

Here is what you need to know:

Google’s search algorithm will favor mobile-friendly sites for users who access Google on their mobile devices. This does not include desktop or laptop users. So, if your website is built in HTML, your website is still going to showing up normally in desktop searches. Plus, the new algorithm applies to individual pages, not entire websites.

Responsive websites

If you haven’t already changed your website to a responsive design, this is the year to make room in your budget.

Think about this: you are at a concert or restaurant and all of the people are staring at their cell phones. Everywhere we turn people are on Facebook, playing games, taking selfies, checking work email and sharing their every move.




Smartphones are the fastest consumer growth product ever. In August 2014, Nielsen reported that 70% of all Americans own a smartphone and the average person spends more than 38 hours per month on their smartphone. Wow, that is almost a full work week that we are staring at our phones!

This is why responsive websites are so important. It is a pain to look at HTML websites where you have to zoom to read text and try to press on tiny buttons. Here is Google’s example of a HTML site vs. a responsive website on a smartphone:




Here is an example of a responsive website we designed in WordPress that auto-adjusts across smartphones, tablets and desktops:




Mobile-Friendly Test

Still not sure if your existing website is mobile-friendly? Type in your web address in Google’s free tool to see if your website is mobile-friendly.

Review the data

Check out your Google Analytics and see how many people are coming to your website from mobile search. What percent of your customers are mobile? Has there been a drop since the Google Algorithm changed April 21st? If there has, what is your action plan?

If your site isn’t responsive

Don’t panic, we can help. We have several different responsive website packages. One is for businesses that love their current look and just want their HTML site switched to a responsive WordPress website.

We also offer strategic re-designs, where we analyze your goals, present design options and show off your unique brand story. Email [email protected] for your free estimate today.