Social media marketing is all about building trust online. Remember, consistency over time creates trust, which in turn creates sales. People buy from people they know. And if you want to grow your business outside of networking and referrals, social media is the perfect tool for people to get to know you and your business.

Make sure that whatever promotion or event you’re broadcasting in your e-newsletter and on your website also is advertised on your social media accounts. More than likely your customer isn’t going to visit your website every day, but they are going to be on Facebook or Twitter.

So which social media platforms should you be on? What should you post? How often should you post? What day and time should you post? What tools are available to help you manage your accounts? We offer a variety of services to help:

Account Setup Need help setting up a business account on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Wanting to branch out into Pinterest or Instagram? We can help you set up an account, write posts/create content, and build a fan base. Once we learn more about your ideal customer, we’ll know which platforms you should be on to reach them.

Planning – We’ll research your audience and create a social media calendar that outlines what days and times to post to best reach your customers. (Posting consistently is the best way to foster relationships with your fans and increase awareness about your business.) We’ll also hook you up with some online tools that make managing your account super easy!

Advertising – We set-up the campaign, write copy & analyze the results, and adjust your ads so you get more clicks and traffic to your website or online campaign. Did you know you can advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and soon, Instagram?

Training – We’ll sit down with you and give you a crash course on what types of messages you should write, what type of content to create, when to post, and how to get more followers. Tip for those who want to DIY: inform, inspire, entertain, and engage!

Management & Optimization – Want us to do it all for you? We’ll make sure that your profile communicates your address, phone number, website, mission, and competitive advantages. We will then write Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn updates (3 times a week) for a monthly flat rate. We also can create compelling images for your Pinterest and Instagram accounts.

Are you intimidated by social media and not sure why you need it? Read this article on why your business should have a Facebook page.

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