As I was swimming this morning, I started thinking about what key elements make up a great logo. Here is a list of top 6 things I think of when creating logos:

1. Is it easy to read? There are a million fonts out there to choose from, but not all are legible. One easy check is to print it out the logo on a piece of paper and tape it to a wall. Now, step back and walk by it. Can you read it in a glance? If not, then it won’t be readable in an aisle, on a truck or on a storefront.

2. Is it a strong logo in black and white? You would think in this day and age of digital printing and emails that it isn’t necessary. But you would be amazed at how many requests I get to make their logo one color, so the client can get it printed on a T-shirt or a hat.

3. Is it different from your competitors? This is always my step one when it comes to starting a logo. What does the competition look like? You want to stay away from their look to save your customers from brand confusion.

4. Does it appeal to your target market? Is your target market pre-teens or 40 year old males? Women in their 30’s or retirees? These categories alone can produce drastically different results. Know your target market!

5. Do you as the owner/client like it? Many designers may feel that what they like is the only way, but the design industry is all about pleasing the customer. And if client hates it they aren’t going to want to look it day in and day out. There is a saying: you should love your logo and by the time you are sick of it, that is when people start to have brand recognition.

6. Keep it simple! People can get caught up in putting too much in a logo. What do I mean? They might think they want a person, a chicken and the kitchen sink in it, but simple is what people remember. Think Nike, Target, Fedex. Only the essential should be in the logo.

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