In this wild time we’re in, does it make sense to start a winery? Opening a new winery right now might actually be a good idea — as long as you establish this first.

This past month alone, we’ve heard from four different people who want to start a winery.

Now! In the midst of a pandemic, economic uncertainty and other earth-shaking events.

When I think back to when I started Bauerhaus in 2008 — which was also in a recession — I worked with a lot of winery start-ups.

Has COVID-19 got you dreaming of creating your own wine brand?

You’re not alone.

While it might seem absurd to start something new right now, many people are starting wineries.

Uncertain times create change, because they open up doors to new possibilities and they require innovation.

New ventures thrive on innovation and possibility.

The key to doing it successfully: marketing and branding.

How are you going to get in front of people once you start?

When you embark on a new venture with a solid branding foundation, you’re setting up your young business for success in marketing.

If you’re wanting to start a winery, here are a few key things to think about.

Who’s your target wine drinker?

Knowing your target wine consumer gives you a huge advantage in creating both a branding strategy and a marketing strategy.

Not all wine consumers are alike. In fact, when you narrow down your audience, you can craft your message — your packaging, language and strategy — to appeal that audience, and your winery will resonate more deeply.

Developing your brand becomes easier when you know exactly who you’re trying to reach.

You’ll know where to advertise (and how to spend your marketing budget in the most effective way).

Knowing your target wine drinker also helps you show up on Google. By developing content on your website that appeals to your particular audience, you’ll save time and money by boosting SEO simply by resonating with the right people.

For a deeper dive into why establishing your target wine consumer, check out this blog post: Top 5 Reasons to Pick a Target Wine Consumer.

What will your packaging look like?

You have seconds to grab the attention of a customer on store shelves.

Is your soon-to-be wine brand unforgettable?

It’s really simple: The better the recognition a wine brand has, the more likely it is to survive.

Brand recognition happens when you’re crystal clear about your brand from the beginning, and you make decisions based on that clarity.

Branding guides everything.

A brand is the sum total of how your winery appears to others. It’s your logo, the bottles you choose, the packaging. It’s the feeling your website conveys.

Your branding is the way your values, origin story and product show up for the consumer — through every word, image and experience you put out into the world.

Having problems picking a winery name?

Not sure how your brand is different?

Struggling to define your message?

If Covid has you dreaming about a new way of life, about the possibility of opening your own winery, begin with branding.

We’d love to help.

At Bauerhaus, we work with winery start-ups to help them establish the right foundation for success through brand strategy, messaging, creating a 1-page Marketing Blueprint, logo design, packaging design, website design and development, hourly consulting and more.

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