How can you take a service you already offer, and make it more lucrative?

Get them in the door with a subscription, then up-sell.

My family recently signed up for Panera’s new subscription service: A month of unlimited daily coffee.

I read an article about how this offering has resulted in 750,000 new subscribers. Plus, guest frequency increased by more than 200%, and 70% of people added food to their free coffee orders.

It got me thinking: how could other brands do the same?

Many wineries already have a wine club monthly subscription. Wine brands could offer an add-on to existing members, a special wine varietal or promotional wine products, like TopNest Design’s olive wood bottle coasters, or Wyne Girl’s wine carryout items.

Maybe your winery can embrace Panera’s model by offering a subscription, and guests can stop in weekly to have a free glass of wine.

It’s time to get creative!

The article about Panera’s success describes how “some 750,000 people have now signed up for the $8.99-per-month unlimited coffee subscription, driving growth in digital engagement and, most importantly, providing a much-needed revenue boost during the pandemic.”

To enhance their already successful program, Panera then added a refer-a-friend program rewarding subscribers who sign up five or more people to receive free, unlimited coffee for another month.

Creative programs like Panera’s can bring in new customers, increase cash flow and build brand awareness, all in one swoop.

What programs are you trying out in your winery?

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