Responsive custom website design

I created this custom WordPress website design for Custom Floors & More, Inc., a family owned and operated company that just celebrated 20 years in custom flooring installation. They are located in Belleville, Illinois and meet with each client one-on-one, to provide the best possible customer service. Each one-on-one appointment includes advice on which flooring will fit within their budget, which floor cleaner to use and they will even suggest flooring & tile designs. Their existing website was a template and they knew they needed to make a switch to custom designed website. After all if you are telling your clients you install custom flooring, shouldn’t your website reflect this?

Here is a breakdown of the key features of the new website:

  • Defined goals: Custom Floors & More, Inc had three goals. One, to create a custom design to reflect their custom flooring. Two, to get more customers from online searches and three, to better showcase how they stand out from other flooring companies.
  • Differentiation: I worked one-on-one with Custom Floors & More to develop their 3 key differences, which we highlighted in the large image slider. I also encouraged them to include more personal information about their family, because they are family owned and operated. Plus, people buy from people. In order for people to buy from you online, you have to start with building trust. Letting people get to know you is part of building that trust.
  • Testimonials: Custom Floors & More has built their business on almost 100% referrals, so it was very important to include their customer’s praises on each page.
  • It’s responsive: No matter what device you use – smartphone, tablet or desktop – to view the website, the website will adjust to the size of your browser. No more pinching and zooming to try and figure out what that tiny text says. How does your own site look on a mobile phone?
  • Easy to update website: The website is built in the Content Management System (CMS), WordPress, which is super easy to update. There is even a mobile app, where you can type in blog posts from anywhere. Turn those unproductive times like waiting to get your oil change, into blog time.
  • Custom WordPress theme design: Each website I create, I present 2-3 website design options. For this site, I created a custom background that loads fast, along with a custom color scheme, buttons and layout design.
  • Custom Gallery: This gallery was created to load fast and also allow the potential customer to see certain categories. You can see their awesome custom flooring gallery here.
  • Fonts: The fonts I picked out for this website are specifically picked to compliment the fonts of their existing Custom Floors & More, Inc. logo.
  • Color Scheme: The color scheme that I chose was to compliment the logo colors and create the feeling of a cozy, warm family room.
  • Tips on showing up in search engines: Custom Floors & More wanted to show up higher in search engines for custom home building. To do that I walked them through the steps, also covered here in “Part 1: How to be Number 1 on Google.”
  • One-on-one training: For each website I create, I provide one-on-one training to explain how to use to WordPress. If you are close by, like Custom Floors & More, I provide the training in person. If you are across the country or world, I provide it via Skype.
  • PDF instructions: I know it’s hard to learn everything within an hour. That is why I provide a PDF with instructions on how to make changes.


Custom WordPress website design


Check out the live website at

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