We have heard from many clients that winery tasting room foot traffic is down this year. What can you do to increase revenue in 2023? Here are our top winery tips:

1. Focus on winery email marketing

Email marketing has the top ROI of any type of digital marketing. It beats social and ads. If you aren’t doing consistent emails, commit to a monthly newsletter. If you are, consider advanced email strategies like drip automation emails, abandoned cart emails, and personalized email journeys.

2. If you are a small winery, consider a monthly strategic marketing call

This is perfect for winery owners that are doing all the marketing themselves and want to continue to do it themselves. We have found that smaller wineries really benefit from a monthly coaching check-in to get advice on the latest social and email trends, brand strategies, and to bounce new ideas off of.

3. Think about outsourcing your marketing and design

Does this sound like you? With so much to do, you’re not sure what to prioritize and how to stay current with marketing technologies and social platforms. You want to keep doing the work you do best, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. You may be haphazardly posting graphics onto social media without considering strategy or visual consistency because you just don’t have the time or energy to satisfy the always-hungry algorithms. You know your competition looks better online than you do, but aren’t sure how to update your branding.

At Bauerhaus Design, we offer a range of monthly retainers based on what you need. A monthly retainer could include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Content idea generation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Monthly or Weekly 1:1 coaching calls

Forget “One Size Fits All”

No two businesses are the same — even if they’re in the same industry! — which is why each business needs its own roadmap. What’s included in your retainer will be curated based on your unique needs. We’ll make sure the price and scope are specific to your business, so that we’re giving you and your business as much mileage as possible.

Retainers Reward Strategy

For long-term success, you want to plan based on the big picture, and a retainer ensures you’ll have consistent support over time. Each new retainer starts with our signature process, the Bauerhaus Brand Map, to make sure the foundation we’re building upon is solid. No matter the scope of your retainer, we must begin by understanding how and why your brand is different.

Having a holistic and detailed perspective of your business means that we’ll be able to design and market more effectively for you. We want to be part of your team and invest in your success!

Are you ready to start 2023 with a bang?

Set up a free discovery call to see if we are a good fit together. Bauerhaus Design offers support packages tailored to your unique needs, covering design, websites, marketing, and more. Book your free call today!