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I just watched a video on the Fox News “Wine with Me” show about how Uproot Wine is bringing a start-up mentality to selling wine. If you have a free 5 minutes and want to see how they are targeting Millennials, go check it out here. They chose Millennials because they are the fastest growing wine drinking segment in the U.S.

This led me to research how their branding reflected their target of Millennials. I often tell winery owners they can’t be all things to all people. There are  6 different types of wine drinkers and the more you know about your consumer, the better you can target your communication towards them.  So, how is Uproot wine doing this?

Here are specific marketing choices that Uproot is making to reach Millennials:

  1. Logo design that is very casual and unlike a typical elegant winery logo
  2. Wine label designs promoting the flavor profiles on the front of the label. No Chateau scenes, no art, just flavor. Watch the video for more on why they made that decision.
  3. Setting up the e-commerce to be similar to Amazon’s spped of shipping. This company has an advantage here, because their investors also work with giants like Zappos. Uproots offers free shipping for bottles of 4 or more bottles and delivers in 3 days or less.
  4. Regular email communication Many wineries know they should do this, but then get busy. People will forget about you, if you aren’t consistent.
  5. Active blogging about food and recipes on their website
  6. Website design is young, fresh, and uses a lot of white space
  7. Very active on Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
  8. One-on-One transparency: When you sign up for their email newsletter, one of the owners emails you to contact them if you need anything at all. Plus, on the website, they actively promote the two owners and where they like to eat and drink.
  9. Good partners: Look at their website and you will see they partner with great complimentary company’s, like Food52.

What is your target wine drinker? Read here about the 6 different types of wine drinkers. Now look at your own wine label design, website design, marketing materials both online and off. Do they target your type of wine drinker? If they don’t, email me at [email protected] to set up a free phone call.