How many touch points do you have with your customer before you make a sale? According to a basic marketing principle: It takes 7.

So in a time when you can’t actually touch anyone – How do you do that digitally?

For the time being, we no longer have in-person networking events to attend, festivals to put on or even billboards to see from the highway.

But that doesn’t mean human connection has disappeared. It’s in our bones.

In other words, consumers want to engage with you. All you have to do is give them the opportunity.

There are countless ways you can create a touchpoint for a potential customer, and more touch-points that walk them through the customer journey until they become a loyal fan!

Here’s an example of a thread of touch-points you can create in your business to engage your audience and make sales.

1. You show up in a Google Search

That happens when you’ve invested in your SEO – search engine optimization.

By filling your site with relevant keywords and creating engaging content for your audience, you’re more likely to show up when someone searches online for something relevant to your business.

2. They visit your website

Having an effective website makes a big difference for a customer’s experience. Since your website is often one of the first impressions your brand has on a person, you want it to be great.

3. Your opt-in offer entices, and you gain a subscriber

You created an offer, like a discount or digital freebie, and your ideal customer wanted it! They opted-in to receive their gift, and in doing so, they joined your email list. Now you have a chance to nurture a relationship with them!

4. Your email resonates

And nurture, you do. Through compelling content, you’re able to forge a connection with your new subscriber.

Not only are you shedding light on what’s special about your brand, you’re already serving your potential customer through content they love.

5. Social media connects

Now that you’ve had a few touch-points online, social media algorithms are on your side. In your posts, you’re using some of the hashtags your new lead is interested in, and you connect again in the social sphere.

6. Enter: Facebook ads

Online ads help you target individuals who’ve already learned about your brand and are thus warmer leads.

A well-designed Facebook ad can be the thing that transforms your new follower into a new customer.

7. Your eCommerce Powerhouse sells

Online ads are great for directing traffic directly to your online store where a new customer can make a purchase. If your store is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and full of great products (which of course, it is!) your e-commerce platform will take it from here.

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