Is your brand leveraging video? Find out how one retail store increased their sales with video.

While we often suggest video to our clients, let’s be honest – many are intimidated by creating video. They don’t have a big budget for hiring a videographer or even know where to start. One of our long time clients, Rung, a high-end, non-profit resale boutique, recently started using weekly video and guess, what, it worked!


Rung Boutique is a high-end, non-profit resale boutique whose mission is to support and empower women and children in the St. Louis area by providing fashionable attire at affordable prices, as well as professional and personal growth opportunities, in a fun, uplifting boutique atmosphere. A significant portion of our net profits goes to the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis and Nurses forCase Study: How one retail store increased sales with weekly vidCase Study: How one retail store increased sales with weekly videoeo Newborns.


Bauerhaus manages the Rung Facebook account each month, crafting content, posts, slideshows, and asking questions. At the end of each month we prepare a report that highlights the increases and decreases per month  on things like engagement rates, click thru’s, plus offer suggestions on improving content. This helps give Rung a quick snapshot of how they are doing each month, without having to take a course in Facebook analytics.


One suggestion we have included in our monthly reports since 2015 is asking Rung to create videos for us to post. As a retail store with product that changes daily, video is a great tool to spread the word fast.


In terms of results we’ve achieved on Rung’s behalf, last month was the best yet in terms of social media performance. Rung began consistent video creation in 2017 and the overall reach (how many people viewed Rung’s content) was up 19% compared to the year before and engagement (like, commenting, sharing, etc.) was up 52% compared to April 2016. Out of all the different posts we have tried, video has far exceeded all types of posting content.


And the great thing about Rung’s videos? They are not glossy high-end studio produced videos with custom music. They show Christina, Rung’s Visual Display Merchandise Manager at Rung, talking through their in-store products.


Below are the Top 3 Rung video posts with the highest engagement rate (video views + reactions, comments, shares, and post clicks) are listed below. Please note, you will have to click the photo for it to play the video in Facebook.

Reached 1,791 people, 60% engagement rate

Click here to watch the video.


Reached 2,113 people, 62% engagement rate

Click here to watch the video.


Reached 2,477 people, 52% engagement rate

Click here to watch the video.


In-store results

Rung has seen a pattern that as the engagement and reach results increased for videos, so have sales.

How can you achieve similar results?

  • Get started! Don’t wait until you have something perfect. Try videotaping one person answering one frequently asked question of your business.
  • Post video frequently. Since February Rung has posted new video weekly. See the below screenshot of the variety of dates.

    Rung Videos on Facebook

  • Experiment with length of video. Some of Rung’s videos are short and some are longer. Try both and see which length and topic gets the most reach and engagement.

Want more tips?

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