Is your winery leveraging today’s most effective marketing tactic? 70% of marketers say video produces more conversions than any other content!

There are many ways to reach your ideal wine drinker, and a cohesive marketing plan should definitely include social media and email marketing. Adding video to the mix can really help your winery stand out and keep people interested in your brand.

According to Tech Crunch, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video daily for a total of 8 billion video views EACH day! On Twitter, 82% of users watch video content. And YouTube is now the second largest search engine; 67% of Millennials say they search for videos anytime they want to learn something.

People like video. They consume it and remember it. Bottom line, creating branded videos to connect with customers and promote your winery is one of today’s most effective marketing tactics. Yet boutique wineries often shy away from using video. Some perceive this medium as too costly, too technical, or just one more thing they don’t have time to learn/master.

But consider this: Vidyard reported that 70% of marketers say video produces more conversions than any other content! It’s time to dive in and leverage this powerful channel to benefit your winery! Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. DO have a strategy. Consider your overall marketing goals. Decide what you want your audience to see, feel, and hear. Determine the message you want to convey. Then tell a story that gives your customers something useful or meaningful.
  1. DON’T rely on sound to convey your message. As much as 85 percent of video views on Facebook happen with the sound off! While some of your videos may require audio for full impact, it’s important to create content that provides just as much value with no sound.
  1. DO add value. We recently discussed the importance of creating and sharing quality content that provides value to your audience. When planning your video, think about your customers and how you can answer a question, solve a problem, or entertain them!
  1. DON’T forget mobile. Twitter reports that 90% of their video views happen via mobile devices. Test to make sure your video looks and functions the way you intend no matter if it’s viewed via PC or Mac, iOS or Android.
  1. DO keep it short. The most popular videos on YouTube have an average length of 2 minutes and 54 seconds, but you can be successful with shorter videos, too. Point is, don’t try to create the next War and Peace. 😉
  1. DON’T stress out about the tech. There are plenty of tools out there to make creating and editing your videos easy. Check out Animoto or WeVideo to create stunning visuals, Wideo for templates you can customize with your own logo and graphics, Flipagram to make a video from pictures, GoAnimate or PowToon for video presentations, and Stupeflix for mixing photos, video, and music. Some are free while others offer a free trial. Some are available solely as a mobile app. The tools you use will depend on your needs, and which programs you find most helpful.
  1. DO leverage multiple channels. While it’s great to post videos on your website, share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and even Snapchat if it makes sense for your winery. Keep in mind that different channels may have different format considerations such as video length so one video may not work everywhere. (Bonus tip: you want to be where your customers are so you need to know which sites/apps they use!)
  1. DON’T forget the call to action. Customers may enjoy your video, but if you don’t give them something to do after they watch it, you’ve missed a huge opportunity. A few options to consider:
  • Ask a question – “What’s your favorite summer wine pairing?” then invite viewers to join the conversation on your Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account with a dedicated hashtag.
  • Enter to win – “Score two free tickets to our next event!” and link to your site where they can enter their info.
  • Cast your vote – “Which new logo do you like best?” and link to the survey.
  • Freebie – “Mention this video and get a free glass of wine.” Or a coaster. Your call!
  • Fill out a short form – “Sign up for our wine club and taste our favorite wines!”
  1. DO view platform analytics in order to measure the efficiency of your video, help you learn more about your audience, and improve performance of future videos. Review the number of video views, clicks, shares, time viewed, click-thru rate, conversion rate, and adjust accordingly. For example, if no one is watching your video all the way through, it may be too long or not provide enough value.
  1. DON’T go off brand. Express your brand personality and passion for what you do in the video. Be transparent and as authentic as possible. Establish trust, and then communicate what’s special about your winery.

BONUS: great video content helps your SEO efforts! Pay close attention to the title, tags, description, and other features of your video. Getting more people to like or view your video is a positive signal to search engines your content has value. In fact, Brightcove found that video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines!

Video marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Plus, it can be really fun! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Introduce the owners, their backgrounds, and interests to humanize the brand
  • Tell the story of how your winery came to be
  • Take a video tour of the winery to feature your views, vineyard, tasting room, and architecture
  • Interview your winemaker about your new wine or his/her favorite wine
  • Teach a favorite recipe using your wine and demonstrate how to make it
  • Show what happens behind-the-scenes when making or bottling your wine
  • Use wine corks or bottles to create a craft step-by-step
  • Highlight a popular event and show people having fun at the winery
  • Create a montage of customer testimonials both in person and text pulled from review sites
  • Stage an unboxing of a wine club delivery to show how it’s packed and create excitement about the next shipment
  • Teach a neat trick to open or chill a bottle of wine faster
  • Record live music at the winery and use it to promote the musician and your atmosphere

For more inspiration, review these examples of successful winery videos.

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