Illinois Wine: Marketing Retainer

For several years, Bauerhaus has worked closely with the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Alliance (IGGVA) on a variety of projects. The organization, also known as Illinois Wine, is a non-profit that works to develop viticulture and fruitful collaboration throughout the state.

In 2021, our partnership expanded into a monthly retainer with the goal of driving growth and consistency for their ongoing marketing needs. The result has been increased visibility, engagement, and customer retention.

A retainer provides comprehensive support with branding, marketing, copywriting, graphic design, social media campaigns, apps, and webpage design and development.

With a marketing retainer, you gain access to:

  • Weekly meetings with the Bauerhaus Director to discuss strategy and effective next steps.
  • Our project management platform, so you can quickly access updates, communicate with the team, and review marketing reports.
  • Customized monthly reporting, so you’ll know exactly how your new websites and marketing campaigns are performing.

Creating from the heart, with a collaborative strategy in place, we operate as a marketing extension of your organization.

Below are a few examples of the projects we have worked on with Illinois Wine.

Event Promotion:

Bauerhaus created custom WordPress websites for two Illinois Wine events: Ottawa Uncorked and Vintage Illinois.

Additional work included a music poster for Illinois Vintage, banners, and the creation of engaging and targeted social media ads. These were optimized to target both previous ticket buyers and also new audiences.

With effective content and the right strategy, these ads successfully achieved clickthrough rates 6X higher than industry standards.

As a result, the average cost per click was 80% cheaper than industry standards.


We also work with Illinois Wine on ads and posters. The below ad was featured in Chicago Magazine:


We also put together an Economic Impact infographic to be used both online and as a poster.

Custom Creative Projects:

Bauerhaus has also worked with IGGVA on several creative projects that supported the overall mission of Illinois Wine.

This included a custom searchable Google Map showing wineries across the state and branding, design, and promotional strategy for their Everything’s Coming Up Rosé project.

Enticing New Customers:

To help Illinois Wine capture new email subscribers, Bauerhaus took inventory of their current content and set up a lead magnet with Mailchimp. The downloadable guide to food pairings with local wines entices new sign ups and welcomes newcomers with valuable content.

Ongoing Monthly Blog Posts and Newsletters:

Bauerhaus creates enjoyable ongoing content for Illinois Wine’s dedicated following in the form of monthly blog posts and regular newsletters.

Keeping the audience engaged and delighted with stories of wine culture and upcoming events develops a loyal relationship with Illinois Wine customers.

Regular blog posts also help to increase Search Engine Optimization by capturing relevant keywords. Illinois Wine has continued to raise in search engine rankings since adding monthly blog posts.

This comprehensive approach can create a seamless experience for your customers, and increase brand loyalty.

A marketing retainer package is perfect for organizations who are looking for all the various aspects of their brand to come into alignment and create real engagement.

If you’re interested in what this would look like for you, schedule a call – it’s free!

What does Illinois Wine have to say about all this?

“I like working with Becca because she is flexible, love her out-of-the-box thinking and attention to detail. I can count on Bauerhaus Design to make my vision work better than expected on every project.”  – Lisa Ellis, Executive Director, IGGVA