KC Wineworks is a Kansas City winery that is opening April 2016. When a winery isn’t open yet, but still needs to start building a customer base, it is essential to include an email sign up form on the home page of the website. Email still outperforms social media in sales conversion. Think about it, you may not see the Facebook post, but you have to click on an email to delete it. Email marketing is still very important to small businesses!

We also made sure to include an automatically updated feed from Instagram, so customers could follow the winery’s progress as it got ready to open. Instagram is particularly important to KC Wineworks since one of their target markets is Millennials. (Instagram users are made up of 53% Millennials; learn more here.)




Key features of the new website:

  • Defined goals: KC Wineworks needed a website that built their email list while they lined up all their permits.
  • Latest web trends: Sticky navigation and lots of white space on their wine pages.
  • Custom design: We gave the client three design choices for the home page, and built the site based on their preferences to mirror the rest of the brand. Want to see how everything turned out? Check out our other post: KC Wineworks: branding for Kansas City, Missouri winery
  • It’s responsive: No matter what device you use – smartphone, tablet or desktop – to view the website, the website will adjust to the size of your browser. No more pinching and zooming to try and figure out what that tiny text says.
  • Easy to update website: The website is built in the Content Management System (CMS), which is easy to update.
  • Check out the live site: www.kcwineworks.com