5 ways to increase your online sales

Now that selling your products online is not just smart and efficient, but also crucial for your bottom line, you’re probably wondering what you can do to increase those sales quickly and effectively.

There are many tactical, straight-forward and creative ways to boost e-commerce. And the best part is: You’ll be investing in your brand’s digital commerce for the long run. 

You’ll be benefiting from taking these tactical steps now, for a long time.

Here are 5 specific ways to increase your online sales and move your business forward.

1. Add a chat feature to your website.

A study by emarketer.com found that more than 60% of consumers would return to a website offering live chat. Buying frequencies are also higher among consumers who use live chat.

Use a fully automated or semi-automated chat feature on your website to provide excellent customer service and build relationships with potential customers.

2. Add a cart abandonment plugin or automated email

Reminding shoppers that they left something in their cart is an effective way to pull them back into the customer journey and make a sale.

Install a plugin or set-up an email automation to automatically reach out to customers with a reminder that they forgot something! You can even consider including an incentive, like a discount code, free shipping, or an added bonus.

wine ecommerce

3. Have a contest

Engage with your audience in a fun way by hosting a contest on social media. Jordan Winery has been hosting a photo contest with great success, and has even tailored it to stay-at-home times.

Contests are exciting, and they’ll stir interest in the prize – your products. Contests open up space to easily talk about your products and inspire your audience to buy.

4. Email your customers

This one seems obvious, but so often, businesses don’t do it! Email your customers when you post new products to your site.

How else will they know?!

You love your product. You believe in your product. Tell your audience when you have something new and encourage them to shop.

5. Offer free shipping when customers spend $50 or more

Especially in a time when we don’t have the option of making in-person purchases, free shipping can be the small piece of encouragement that makes the difference. Setting a minimum order for customers to qualify for free shipping helps consumers make the leap from buying one product to multiple, and feel good about it.

All these tactics work together underneath a larger marketing strategy to get your products in front of your customers. But even tackling one at a time will help you move your business forward and grow your e-commerce business.

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Black Silo Winery logo design

wine brand logo design

Black Silo Winery came to us earlier this year to help create their wine brand. After growing grapes for four years, they are now taking the next step to opening a winery this summer. They are located in Trenton, Missouri and will be the first commercial winery to open in Grundy County. They are focused on targeting predominately women who are 27-60 with discretionary income and already have 4 weddings booked for this summer.

When meeting with owners Jenn and Duane, they specified that just like their unique winery name, they did not want a traditional winery logo. They really disliked script fonts, gold foils and anything that looked traditional. Jenn and Duane are young and wanted their logo to reflect their younger taste.

Part of the challenge of creating this logo design was that while they agreed on the above requirements, Jenn and Duane had very different taste. They sent me stacks of wine labels that Jenn liked and a separate stack for labels Duane liked. They did agree on one label out of 12 labels.

Here are the three options that I presented to the client. The first two include illustrations based off of their black silo that is on their property.

Option #1:


Option #2:


Option #3:


After a little back and forth, they ultimately both chose Option #3 for their winery logo.

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