Black Silo Winery came to us earlier this year to help create their wine brand. After growing grapes for four years, they are now taking the next step to opening a winery this summer. They are located in Trenton, Missouri and will be the first commercial winery to open in Grundy County. They are focused on targeting predominately women who are 27-60 with discretionary income and already have 4 weddings booked for this summer.

When meeting with owners Jenn and Duane, they specified that just like their unique winery name, they did not want a traditional winery logo. They really disliked script fonts, gold foils and anything that looked traditional. Jenn and Duane are young and wanted their logo to reflect their younger taste.

Part of the challenge of creating this logo design was that while they agreed on the above requirements, Jenn and Duane had very different taste. They sent me stacks of wine labels that Jenn liked and a separate stack for labels Duane liked. They did agree on one label out of 12 labels.

Here are the three options that I presented to the client. The first two include illustrations based off of their black silo that is on their property.

Option #1:


Option #2:


Option #3:


After a little back and forth, they ultimately both chose Option #3 for their winery logo.

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