Texas Winery Logo & wine label design: Bingham Family Vineyards

Winery logo design

Earlier this year, we worked with Bingham Family Vineyards, an adventure of music, children, grapes, and organic crops on the High Plains of Texas. They are opening their doors on April 24, 2015 in Grapevine, Texas.

A little more about their family:

“Cliff Bingham, a fourth generation farmer in Terry County, began full time farming in 1982. Since 1992, Cliff and his wife, Betty have served as pioneers in the Texas organic cotton and peanut markets. They diversified their farming operations in 2003 by planting grape vines. Together with their children, the Binghams currently own or manage over 200 acres of wine grapes in the Texas High Plains AVA. They are now pleased to be moving forward in the Texas wine industry by starting a winery. They plan to continue selling grapes to their winery friends across the state who are producing award winning wines as well as producing wine of their own under the Bingham Family Vineyards label. They are an ordinary family that has eleven children, homeschools, plays music, loves art, loves life, wants to take care of God’s earth, and loves the Lord. They make a lot of mistakes, but they keep turning to God for inspiration, encouragement, and strength.”

For inspiration of the Bingham Family Vineyards, one facet of their story really kept presenting itself over and over: Their love of music.

Bingham Family Vineyards defined their brand position as:

Bingham Family Vineyards is a multigenerational wine grower that promises the curious wine explorer a joyful experience through hand crafted wines, the fullest expression of the Texas High Plains.

Inspired by their love of music and their grape growing history I presented 3 different winery logo design options. From those three, they picked one and then spent time tweaking till we were both 100% happy.

The final winery logo design that was chosen is:

Bingham Family Vineyard logo

Next up, we worked on the Bingham Family Vineyards wine label design. Since we focused on the musical story of Bingham for the logo design, we really wanted to incorporate the farming history as well as promote “100% Texas grown.” I again presented three options, with the family ultimately loving this option the best:

Wine label design for Texas winery

After this wine label design was chosen as the final direction, we set about to tweak small things. For example, Bingham provided me with a drawing similar to the label design drawn by Grandma Peggy Bingham, plus we changed the Texas wording in the brown bar. The final label design:

Chardonnay Bingham wine label design

Many package design companies are all about showing off the front label design, but the back label is a great place to continue to tell your brand story along with details about each wine. Here is the Bingham back label:

Back of Bingham Chardonnay


Next I designed their email newsletter header and a brand standards guide. A brand standards guide has really helped many of my clients know how to layout the day to day marketing and design for their winery. This answers questions like – can I use my logo this way? How much space around my logo should I have? What type families and colors should I use on my marketing collateral?


Here is a sneak peak into what is inside:


Are you starting a winery or need a brand re-fresh? Fill out my contact form with your project details and I’ll get you an estimate.

To check out the hours, directions and read more about Bingham Family Vineyards wines go their website here.


Case study: Creating the wine brand of Nelson Hill Winery

I’m excited to show off a large project I’ve been working on this year: Nelson Hill Winery’s logo design, wine label design and website design. Nelson Hill Winery is a boutique winery specializing in single vineyard Pinto Noir and are located in Anderson Valley, California. I first met owner Barbara Hill, through a partnership with Bruce at Digital Wine Marketing. I provided website designs and Digital Wine Marketing programmed the website in the Drupal Content Mangement System (CMS). The e-commerce section is integrated with Nexternal eCommerce Platform.


Once the website design process started, we realized that Nelson Hill Winery did not have a strong logo design. All they really had was the below wine label design:

Before wine label redesign

I talked to Barbara about their winery, their goals and target audience and where their name “Nelson Hill Winery” came from.

A little more about Nelson Hill Winery from Proprietors Barbara and Greg Hill:

Our Deep End Vineyard is planted on a rocky, south-facing slope, nestled in the elbow of an ancient spring-fed creek in the heart of the Anderson Valley, a few miles from the Mendocino coast. We produce small lots of premium pinot noir in the Burgundian style: delicate, subtle, with flavors of black cherry and spice, uniquely crafted to enhance your dining experience. We hope you’ll enjoy the fruit of our passion for old-world pinot noir!

Where did the name “Nelson Hill Winery” come from?

Barbara’s maiden name is Nelson. It was always meant to be a “total family” venture to pass on to generations in the future. Everyone loves to come and help do whatever they can, or just camp in our backyard. We had over 50 people for Thanksgiving one year.

Logo Design

The final logo design is a custom illustration I drew from their old world negociant’s French scale that they have at their winery in Mendocino County, California. Barbara and Greg love that it is “very recognizable, almost unique, symbolizes our love of old French things, and our preference for old world wine making, more Burgundian techniques, etc.”

And while I presented several different type options, they ended up choosing the same fonts they had on their original wine label. I added in spacing between letters to give it some breathing room and have the ability to easily scale down. I also simplified the color scheme to black and a deep red.


Nelson Hills Winery logo design

Wine Label Design

For their wine label design we focused on creating a classic design to target the high end consumers that purchase their wine at their boutique winery or at Pinot Noir events in California. I chose a textured paper to help give it the feel of fine stationary.


I think it’s important for wine labels to work on three levels. One, catch your attention across the aisle or room. Secondly, once you pick up a wine bottle, it needs to catch your interest. In this case, we wanted the focus to be on the French scale. The last level, is once you have the bottle home let the consumer read a little about your brand story. Another words, what is unique about your winery?


Winery website Design

For the website, I provided Nelson Hill Winery with two different website design options and they chose to have a large image gallery with three main boxes:


See the live website at www.nelsonhillwinery.com.


Black Silo Winery logo design

wine brand logo design

Black Silo Winery came to us earlier this year to help create their wine brand. After growing grapes for four years, they are now taking the next step to opening a winery this summer. They are located in Trenton, Missouri and will be the first commercial winery to open in Grundy County. They are focused on targeting predominately women who are 27-60 with discretionary income and already have 4 weddings booked for this summer.

When meeting with owners Jenn and Duane, they specified that just like their unique winery name, they did not want a traditional winery logo. They really disliked script fonts, gold foils and anything that looked traditional. Jenn and Duane are young and wanted their logo to reflect their younger taste.

Part of the challenge of creating this logo design was that while they agreed on the above requirements, Jenn and Duane had very different taste. They sent me stacks of wine labels that Jenn liked and a separate stack for labels Duane liked. They did agree on one label out of 12 labels.

Here are the three options that I presented to the client. The first two include illustrations based off of their black silo that is on their property.

Option #1:


Option #2:


Option #3:


After a little back and forth, they ultimately both chose Option #3 for their winery logo.

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Venovix logo & business card design

We designed this logo for our favorite hosting company, Venovix. This is the first hosting company that I have ever worked with that provides AWESOME customer service. Talk to a real person? Check! Replies to emails? Check! Solves weird email issues? Check!

Venovix focuses on building customer partnerships. Their purpose is to simplify the web experience for entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses. Venovix provides customized website hosting, managed server services, and software development services. In short, they want to grow with small to mid-size businesses.

As with any logo design that involves a group of decision makers, we started with a meeting with all the company founders to really nail down their brand focus.

Did they see themselves as elegant or modern?

Where do they want to be in 5 years?

What kind of car would you be if your brand where a car? Their response to this last question really told me what they were looking for: Their brand car would be a Lexus RX, which is reliable, luxurious, techy, plus they loved that when you look at the Lexus RX, it could also be a tiger.

Venovix really wanted a logo that at first glance said their name, but on closer inspection stood for something deeper. This is how I came up with the play on negative space with the letter V. It was also important for Venovix to have an icon, showcase that they are a green company, as well as to include the Tardis blue from their favorite show, Doctor Who.

What’s it like to work with Bauerhaus Design?

“After working with another designer on our logo and getting no where, Bauerhaus Design was a breath of fresh air. The response time was prompt, and the quality of work was excellent. Becca really got to know our brand and even helped us fine tune it. She did a fantastic job taking direction from three different stakeholders with differing opinions, as well as taking the lead when needed. We’re so pleased with the creative elements she developed on our behalf, and we love our new logo. I highly recommend Bauerhaus Design.” ~ Michelle Sciuto, Marketing Director, Venovix, LLC

Here is their final business card design: