We designed this logo for our favorite hosting company, Venovix. This is the first hosting company that I have ever worked with that provides AWESOME customer service. Talk to a real person? Check! Replies to emails? Check! Solves weird email issues? Check!

Venovix focuses on building customer partnerships. Their purpose is to simplify the web experience for entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses. Venovix provides customized website hosting, managed server services, and software development services. In short, they want to grow with small to mid-size businesses.

As with any logo design that involves a group of decision makers, we started with a meeting with all the company founders to really nail down their brand focus.

Did they see themselves as elegant or modern?

Where do they want to be in 5 years?

What kind of car would you be if your brand where a car? Their response to this last question really told me what they were looking for: Their brand car would be a Lexus RX, which is reliable, luxurious, techy, plus they loved that when you look at the Lexus RX, it could also be a tiger.

Venovix really wanted a logo that at first glance said their name, but on closer inspection stood for something deeper. This is how I came up with the play on negative space with the letter V. It was also important for Venovix to have an icon, showcase that they are a green company, as well as to include the Tardis blue from their favorite show, Doctor Who.

What’s it like to work with Bauerhaus Design?

“After working with another designer on our logo and getting no where, Bauerhaus Design was a breath of fresh air. The response time was prompt, and the quality of work was excellent. Becca really got to know our brand and even helped us fine tune it. She did a fantastic job taking direction from three different stakeholders with differing opinions, as well as taking the lead when needed. We’re so pleased with the creative elements she developed on our behalf, and we love our new logo. I highly recommend Bauerhaus Design.” ~ Michelle Sciuto, Marketing Director, Venovix, LLC

Here is their final business card design: