It’s no secret these days that social media has taken over the digital world globally. The pandemic has fueled social media to boost the creation or sharing/exchange of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

As a fan of the Olympics and a follower of many famous Olympic athletes, I’ve noticed an increase in unique sponsorships and content creation

The digital and social media world makes tuning in to watch the Olympics live easier than ever. The Olympics audience is massive, and it even includes many people who don’t usually tune in to sporting events. 

Social media has also made it possible for brands of any size and budget to get in on the conversation. 

No matter the athlete or influencer, successful ad campaigns and posts during the Olympics or otherwise—have three key things in common: they know their target audience, they keep it personal, and they’re present across all of the touchpoints.


Get ready, we’re excited to tell you! Here are a few of our favorites that always post killer content every single day. 

April Ross, Alix Klineman, Allyson Felix, and Simone Biles post consistently on social media and engage their audience without fail. Amazingly, Alix Klineman and April Ross just won Gold in Beach Volleyball. Plus, Allyson Felix just won two more medals. Felix’s 11th medal made her the most decorated track-and-field athlete in Olympic history, surpassing Carl Lewis. All athletes create content around sponsored products, services, and include snippets of their personal lives through photos and video content. 

Video content is seemingly all the rage lately. With platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok ever-growing, content creators are leveraging the wave by producing small-bite sized content through video clips.

Olympics on your phone

The list could go on… but each of these content creators keep it real all the time. That’s what digital marketing is all about. 

Athletes are using video and social media to not only promote their sponsors, but also take action when they are treated unfairly. This is inline with customers need for “transparency.”

For instance, Allyson Felix publicly broke up with Nike in 2019 when they didn’t support athletes’ maternity rights. She actually used a video on to be a voice against her previously known sponsor, Nike. The video is incredibly powerful as it showcases her experiences as an influencer for Nike and the complex contracts corporations place on female athletes. As Felix spoke out, she was able to expose the common injustices many female athletes must be subjected to. It sparked outrage across the world and gave a voice to other female athletes who felt the same injustice. Her story negatively impacted Nike’s brand image.

However, it only made her personal brand stronger. 

After dropping Nike, she partnered with her sponsor, Athleta, and many others who support her story. In addition, Felix just launched a new shoe brand called Saysh Shoes. Saysh is a footwear brand designed specifically for women and by wearing them in the Olympic Trials, many consumers are eager to purchase a pair of sneakers when they are released.

She has been able to leverage both the Olympics and social media to promote her new brand. 

Overall, as Felix takes a turn not many athletes are willing to make by ending a major brand relationship, she’s becoming recognized for her story. She’s continuing to build a strong personal brand and reputation for her future athletic career. It’s exciting to watch her success from the sidelines and cheer her on.

Just like Allyson, your digital marketing campaigns need to tell your story.

Seeking confidence in your digital marketing strategies? 

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