What does commerce look like in a post-pandemic world? That’s the question Shopify set out to answer in this video: The Future of Commerce.

Here are the highlights:

1. E-commerce is more competitive than ever. Be sure your platform is up for the challenge.

Take an omnichannel approach: Use and integrate multiple marketing and sales channels to improve user experience across all your points of contact.

Make it easy for users to find you, engage with you and make purchases. This ease of interaction will go a long way with your customers, encouraging them to return time and again.

2. People buy differently now.

According to Shopify, nearly half of internet users will continue to shop online in a continued and post-pandemic world. You’re empowered to create an enjoyable online shopping experience by harnessing tools that make virtual shopping feel more interactive and engaging to your audience.

Get creative with the e-commerce experience you create for your customers by thinking beyond the transactional elements.

3. Delivery matters.

“Fulfillment emerges as competitive differentiator.” Most consumers want their orders shipped for free and would pay more for eco-friendly products. Streamline the fulfillment sector of your e-commerce brand so that you can meet a rising customer expectation.

4. Build your brand on marketplaces.

Stand out on your marketplace product places by strengthening your brand.

Telling your brand’s story has been and continues to be instrumental in a company’s success, especially now that so many consumers are interacting with brands solely in the virtual space.

With so many businesses moving online and relying on e-commerce, you can no longer afford to blend in with the crowd. In online marketplaces, where your products are showcased beside competitors’, your brand is everything.

5. Retention is a priority.

It costs time and money to acquire new customers. Optimize your investments by increasing customer retention in a digital space that’s now filled to the brim with businesses competing for attention.

Reward your most loyal buyers with meaningful interaction, community, and tangible perks. Deliver your message and build relationships with your customers so they keep coming back for more.

Find Shopify’s full report on the future of commerce here.

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